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General insurance or non-life insurance is an insurance product that does not cover the life of an insured.

General Insurance or Non-Life Insurance

General insurance helps us protect ourselves and the things we value, such as our homes, our cars and our valuables, from the financial impact of risks, big and small.

As an example, from fire, flood, storm and earthquake, to theft, car accidents, travel mishaps and even from the costs of legal action against us. And we can choose the types of risks we wish to cover by choosing the right kind of policy with the features we need.

In general, insurance works by spreading the cost of unexpected risks among a large number of people in the same region who share similar risks.  The common types of general insurance are motor, fire, home, marine, health, travel, accident and other different kinds of non-life insurance.

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Types of General Insurance

There are many different types of general insurance, such as health insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, car insurance, etc. Basically everything other than life insurance is mostly categorised under general insurance. Each type of general insurance is different and serves a different purpose. For example; car insurance protects a car, and fire insurance protects against damage caused by a fire, etc.

There are two divisions of general insurance or non-life insurance products, one which falls under the Commercial Lines offered to businesses/ corporations and the second one provided under Personal Lines, explicitly designed for the public.

Personal Lines outputs are intended to sell in large quantities. That would include autos (private car), homeowners (household), pet insurance, creditor insurance and others. The coverage period for most general insurance policies and plans is usually one year, whereby premiums spent on a one-time basis.  Whatever the reason, Red Cover Life Planning must make you satisfied. Breathe easy knowing that you, your loved ones and assets are protected against life’s unexpected turns.

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General Insurance
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General Insurance
General insurance is an insurance product that does not cover the life of an insured or is commonly known as a non-life insurance product. Common forms of general insurance are motor, fire, home, marine, health, travel, accident and other miscellaneous forms of non-life insurance.
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