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Hospital admissions involve staying at a hospital for at least one night or more.  Read here about hospital admissions guide by Red Cover Life Planning.

Hospital Admissions

Staying in the hospital overnight is done because the individual is too sick to stay at home, requires 24-hour nursing care, and is receiving medications and undergoing tests and surgery that can only be performed in the hospital setting.

An individual can be hospitalized for a positive experience, such as delivering a baby, or because of elective surgery or specific procedure, or because they are included in the emergency department.  Entering the emergency department is the most stressful in this situation because the event is unexpected and may be a major life crisis.

Before people are brought to their room, the procedure of recognition is done. A person’s personal data is recorded and inserted into the hospital computer system.

hospital admissions

Admission Procedure

There may be several forms to fill out.


Medical history and detailed medicine. This history will include past hospitalisation and surgery. Having this information will quickly make the process move faster, and enable family members or friends who accompany the person to help fill the form more easily.


One form is called a living will and tells which specific resuscitation efforts the person does or does not want to have performed on them to save or extend their life.


Another form may be a durable power to an attorney.  This is a form stating whom the patient wishes to make medical decisions for them if they are unable to do so, such as if they are in a coma.

During the time being used to admitted in the hospital, a plastic bracelet will be placed on the wrist of the person by name, age, date of birth, room number and medical record number on it.  Separate bracelets are added that lists allergies. Forms have been completed and signed, so the patient gives full consent to having their hospital staff take care of them while they are in the hospital during certain hospital accommodation.

Hospital Admissions Guide and Preparation

It’s not a good idea to bring anything worth the hospital as there are many times when someone leaves the room. However, it may be useful to have some pocket changes if someone has to make some small purchases at a hospital gift shop, such as a newspaper. If one is going to visit someone in the hospital, change or one dollar bills to use at vending machines may come in handy.

A small bag can be brought into the hospital that contains:

Reading glasses

A robe

A pair of slippers

Clothes for the return trip home

Night clothes (The hospital supplies their own, but some people like to wear familiar clothing)

Personal care items such as comb, brush, and toothbrush (available at hospitals too)

Hobby materials such as knitting or a book of crossword puzzle

Reading material for the hospital stay

Hospital Admissions Charges

Besides the actual treatment costs, there are other charges to consider:

  • Admission kits
  • Nursing care
  • Monitoring fees
  • Meals laundry
  • Ward rounds
  • Ward charges
  • Registration/admission fees
  • Admission kits
  • Nursing care
  • Monitoring fees
  • Meals laundry
  • Ward rounds
  • Ward charges
  • Registration/admission fees
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Hospital Admissions Guide and Questions

It is essential to ask your doctor the right questions about your medical treatment so you can make informed choices and well-informed hospital admissions guide when the time comes to go into hospital. When you are talking with your doctor, be sure to ask:

  • How long am I likely to be there?
  • Can I choose my specialist and if so, who will it be?
  • How long am I likely to have to wait for my treatment?
  • What are the likely consequences of not having treatment?
  • What are my treatment options and the benefits and risks of each option?

Get Hospitalization Insurance Advice

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