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Business Insurance for small companies with Red Cover Life Planning helps to protect financial assets and property from loss.

Business Insurance

The business environment is continually growing, and so are its risks.  That’s why, no matter the size of your business, we have the solutions to help you manage it.  You’ve worked hard to build your business.

You were there from the beginning and seen it grow to become a successful and respected organisation.  So, we would like to provide a wide range of insurance solutions customised to the different needs of your business and industry

As you plan for the next 12 months, make sure your business is protected against any unfortunate incidents.  We offer a comprehensive cover for retail outlets, restaurants and offices to meet your changing needs.  Red Cover provides employee benefits and pension services to corporate clients in Asia to cover their employees’ health, protection and retirement needs.  Red Cover’s specialists are well trained to deliver top quality services and benefits solutions to companies of all sizes.

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Business Insurance for small companies?

Each business is unique and deserves a business insurance plan that is tailored to fit its particular needs.  Instead of offering one-size-fits-all plans, we explain each piece of the business insurance pie that is available to our client.

After explaining each part, our clients have a practical understanding of their options and can make an informed choice about what their unique plan will look alike.

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What does it provide?

Broad Protection

This business insurance plan protects your company’s building from damages such as fire, or explosion caused by burst water pipes, malicious acts and other unexpected events.

Coverage for damages caused by theft

Your business will be covered by Red Cover Life Planning business insurance plan if theft or forced entry into/ exit from the building causes damage to items such as equipment, furniture and stock kept within the property.

Financial Protection

Your business will be secured if a robbery or theft attempt causes financial loss or harm the building.

This includes cash stolen from a safe, strongroom, cash register or while in the middle of being brought into or out of the building.

Accident Cover

This covers you and your workers if an accident within the company building ends in death or injury. You may receive an extra payout of RM 10,000 if theft in the building causes the loss of an employee or forces any one of them to lose a limb or lose the use of their limbs.

Get Insurance Advice

For more information about business insurance for small companies, please contact us immediately or speak to a Red Cover Life Planning Advisor today.

Levine Lee

Life Planner at Red Cover Life Planning
Levine Lee is an expert AIA insurance agent and life planner. She has over 12 years of working experience with AIA and ING Insurance as an insurance agent and life planner.This makes her efficient and effective to manage clients for AIA Group Insurance Plans, AIA Life Insurance and AIA Takaful policies.Based in the Klang Valley in Malaysia, Levine serves her customers all over Malaysia, as they move between cities because of job changes.

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Business Insurance
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Business Insurance
Business insurance helps companies protect their financial assets, intellectual and physical property from a covered loss due to risks such as lawsuits, property damage, theft, vandalism, loss of income and employee injuries and illnesses.
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