Blindness diseases types and symptoms denotes the lack of an individual to differentiate darkness from bright light in either eye.

Vision impairment means that even with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery, someone does not see well.  Vision impairment can vary from mild to severe.

When is one considered legally blind?

It isn’t a medical term. It’s defined by lawmakers in nations or states to either limit legitimate activities. Blindness in one eye is rarely described as legally blind if the other eye is normal or near-normal.

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Blindness Diseases Types and Symptoms

Color sightless is the inability to understand variations in numerous shades of colours, notably green and red, that others can distinguish. People that are colour blind sometimes has normal vision otherwise and can perform well visually.

Night sightless is a problem in seeing beneath situations of decreased illumination. It is often genetic or nonheritable. The majority of individuals who have night vision difficulties perform well under normal lighting conditions.

Snow sightless is the loss of vision when exposure of the eyes to massive amounts of ultraviolet light. In the cases of snow sightless, the individual continues to be able to see shapes and movement. People typically say, “I am ‘blind as a bat’ without my glasses.”

More importantly, the term suggests that the lack sees despite wearing spectacles. Anyone who has access to spectacles and sees well with the glasses cannot be termed blind.

What causes Blindness?

Infectious causes in underdeveloped areas of the world include eye disease, river blindness, and contagious disease. The most common infectious cause of blindness in developed nations is herpes simplex.


Signs and symptoms of Blindness

All those who are blind or have vision defect have the typical symptom of difficulty seeing. Individuals with similar levels of visual loss may have very different responses to that sign.

If one is born blind, there’s a lot of less adjustment to a non-seeing world than there’s for those who lose their vision late in life, where there is also limited ability to deal with that visual loss. A blind person may have no visible signs of any abnormalities once sitting in a chair and resting.

Some blind individuals have learned to look directly at the person they’re speaking with. Thus it’s not apparent they’re blind.

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