Critical Illness Insurance Cover and Protection

The above-listed diseases are covered in AIA’s Critical Illness Insurance Plans.  These critical care plans cover 36 critical illnesses in Malaysia. 

AIA has a range of low to high premiums to cover the cost of this insurance.  Contact our expert insurance agent, Levine Lee for the plan for you and your family.  Do it soonest, before its too late.

It is because our life is filled with uncertainties and risks.

Therefore, it is important to get adequate protection for you and your loved ones.  There is a reason why AIA has this 36 diseases critical care plans.  Call our Agent now for immediate support and clarification. 

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How to get protected?

By opting for Red Cover Life Planning Insurance, you can gain protection against unforeseen events such as early death, disability or critical illnesses.  Red Cover want to make sure you get the right insurance policy.  There are many types of insurance products that you may consider, depending on your circumstances.

  • Life insurance coverage will offer financial support to your dependents if you die suddenly.
  • Critical illness protection coverage will support you if you are diagnosed with a severe disease type as shown in our Critical Care Diseases list.

Financial Security - Its There When Needed

Levine can can help you to protect yourself and the future of your loved ones.  Get immediate financial security.  Don’t touch your savings.  Let insurance provide it.

Contact LEVINE LEE, at [email protected]  or +6012 684 0948.

She can help provide the financial security in times of hardship and will be able to ease the financial burden of your dependents in your absence.

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Once you know what kind of insurance you want, make sure you choose the policy that best suits your needs.  Do not just choose the cheapest available, do your research and find out what every policy will actually protect you.

For example, if you do not have your liability, you may not need a life insurance policy, but you may have a small amount to cover your burial costs.

Get Insurance Advice

Contact Life Planning Advisor to get in touch with us and start your house insurance coverage plan now.  Get covered correctly.  Be advised correctly.  Call us today to be advised on the best insurance protection personalized for you.

Levine Lee

Life Planner at Red Cover Life Planning
Levine Lee is an expert AIA insurance agent and life planner. She has over 12 years of working experience with AIA and ING Insurance as an insurance agent and life planner.This makes her efficient and effective to manage clients for AIA Group Insurance Plans, AIA Life Insurance and AIA Takaful policies.Based in the Klang Valley in Malaysia, Levine serves her customers all over Malaysia, as they move between cities because of job changes.

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